HOW we do it

Our core activity consists of selecting, mobilising and coordinating all the necessary and appropriate inputs and resources to fulfil the contractual commitment with our Clients for a timely, effective and successful realisation of the projects.

In order to effectively carry out this fundamental task, we avail ourselves of the following resources.

a strong multidisciplinary internal know-how, consolidated in decades of activity of the company and of its management, which includes engineering capabilities as well as strong experience in all those aspects essential for the implementation of complex EPC projects, such as procurement, forwarding, programme and project management, financial management, construction management;
network of leader manufacturing companies, experts, technologists and suppliers which are selected by Endeco based on their known experience, quality and reliability;
specialised internal engineering design capabilities which, together with consolidated out-sourcing partnerships, allow Endeco to produce up to 200,000 hours per year of specialised design;
directly owned construction equipment and work teams or specialised sub-contractors to carry out the erection and construction activities on site.


Our Project Managers integrate all the resources
into a coherent and effective framework,
always operating as Clients’ Partner,
with a proactive and problem-solving attitude.


endeco_webmasterHOW we do it