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Our job

In developing countries, the transition phase is always characterised by a boom in the civil, residential and office buildings constructions and, as a consequence, in the availability of all building components and construction materials since they are essential to support the developments. While early phases usually count on imports, longer and more important economic growth calls for the establishment of local productions to reduce costs and exploit the internal market opportunities.

Endeco, since the early years of its establishment, has dealt with building and construction material technologies. The company therefore can offer assistance and know-how to its clients, in order to help them to start a new business or to diversify the existing activity exploiting the opportunities given by the construction sector development.

  • Concrete Prefabricated Buildings
  • Concrete Prefabricated Elements (pipes, bricks, tiles, ..)
  • Clay Bricks & Tiles Plant
  • Lime and Cement processes
  • Ceramic & Cement Tiles Manufacturing
  • Gypsum & Gypsum Products
  • AAC Blocks
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Fiberglass Pipes, Mat and Board
  • MDF & Particle Board
  • Glass Industry
  • Wood Industry
  • Ceramic Industry